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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #63: Welcome Aboard!

Bashir: Miles, why did you shoot them all?
O'Brien: They said you liked Garak better than me! Bu it's not true, is it Julian?
Bashir: Um ...
O'Brien: No!
Bashir: I'm sorry Miles, he's just too damn charismatic!

Sisko: O'Brien, a stare-off doesn't work if you don't look me in the eye ...

Quark: Don't shoot me, I'm not a changeling! I swear, the changeling is posing as major Kira!

Changeling Quark: *thinking* Hah, stupid solid fell for it!

Siddig: Look, it's our careers after Deep Space Nine!
Lofton: I don't see anything.
Sidding: Exactly.
Lofton: Oh come on, aren't you going to be in that "Syriana" movie?
Siddig: Yeah, and an episode of "Merlin." Ah well, I guess it's better than opening a restaurant or something...
Lofton: Yeah, I guess it - HEY!

BTW, thanks for the win!
"You do not understand, but you will." - Kosh to Sheridan, in "Interludes and Examinations."
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