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Re: Is TOS the best sci-fi TV American series until 1985?

I had totally forgotten and in some cases never heard of some of those shows.

I was of the opinion that TOS was the best sci-fi show of the first 40 years of TV, but I felt maybe it was my love of the show that blinded me to what might have been better.

But from what I gather it's not just my bias--it probably was the best.

It really seems like it was 'lightning in a bottle'--- Roddenbeery's concept, getting the writers he did, the casting of the 'big 3', the mostly serious tone taken and the 'mankind will survive/prosper' theme.

Combine with the fact that tv in general in the 60s was made by people who had skill and pride despite what many people might have derided as 'a kids show' or 'not serious material' and we were fortunate to get a show that has stood the test of time--cliche' as that sounds.
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