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Re: Star Trek Film Makers Association

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So you're planning on excluding Farragut and Star Trek Continues?
He never said he was excluding anyone. He just mentioned the Kitumba incident as being something that they would not want to see happen between the members involved in this association.

Thank you Atkin. We will consider all interested parties. Star Trek Continues clearly has no interest in working with anyone as their executive producer continues to bad mouth Phase II and Axanar. So he is excluding himself. Todd Haberkorn, who is playing Spock for STC is one of my dear friends and I wish the crew well.

I have always liked John Broughton of Farragut and so if he calls and wants to be part, and if he is willing to help others as we have all agreed to help each other, I would love to have him part of this.

I indicated a behavior which is not acceptable to this group. That is all.

Randy: You don't even indicate you would want to be part of this group, or are interested in helping others. Your first two posts are rather negative. If you don't want to be part of the group, just don't post. This thread is for people who want to work together, not create drama.

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