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Re: Paranormal Activity 4: News, Discussion, etc

Well this came out on Wednesday here in the UK; it's not out till Friday in the US though.
Saw it this afternoon.

Two words-

Jail. Bait.

Anyway, like PA3, most of the stuff in the trailer isn't actually in the film, but similarish scenes are. I know why they do that, and also agree with the why too, you don't really wanna ruin/spoil your big scares and jumps for a movie like this in the trailer.
...although that leads on a problem with this latest part of the franchise. It's not really that scary. IMO anyway, certainly of the 4 it's the one that made me jump or be scared the least. I think I only jumped maybe once in this? Most of them you can pretty much see coming, and it's only really the last five minutes or so where it gets freaky.

I'm never one for writing big reviews, but I think This at SFX says most of what I thought, 3/5

I have some more comments to make about the overall arc plot, mostly of what was revealed from PA3, but I'll wait till some others have seen it too.

Basically I'd say if you're a fan of the series go see it, though it's definitely not the best entry you can still enjoy it. And if you're not a fan, well like I used to say about the Saw sequels, if you didn't like the others why would you be watching pt.4 or onwards?
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