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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

79. Dredd: A-
80. Bridesmaids: C-
81. Taken 2: B
82. Atlas Shrugged-Part Two: C+
83. Alex Cross: A-

I attended a sneak showing of this and really enjoyed it overall. I went with an A- but was waffling on B+. Bottom line is that it was a thoroughly enjoyable film. It's been so long since I've seen the Morgan Freeman installments, and I've not read any press details to know, if this is a continuation or type of reboot/re-imagining. It's the first film I've seen Tyler Perry in a leading role. I'm just not drawn to his other more well known series, maybe I'll watch some of them at some point. I found him to convincingly show a range of emotions and gravitas. I was equally impressed with Matthew Fox as the sociopathic assassin. The little girl in the movie had one really good scene with her father Alex after a sad situation. Very convincing performance out of her in that moment. My one big gripe was the final fight sequence. For that they utilized shaky cam and all it did was marginalize the moment. It was hard to fully determine who was getting the upper hand, when momentum was shifting during the fight. My guess is they did it to maybe to show disorientation, especially for Alex since he gets suckered by a blow to the back with a lead pipe to start the fight. Still, it ruined what should've been an awesome climatic fight.
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