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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I like the borg visuals My favorite part of "The Scorpion" was that two-second shot of Borged-up Voyager.

Also, am I doing it right?

First off, go run the Assimilated mission and get the Borg Console. Adds additional set bonus to your setup. Or better yet, lets you get rid of the crappy borg shields and still carry the 3-piece bonus.

You're set up in an Oddy, which personally I'm not a fan of, but ok. Looks to be the generic version as well, so while you're set up for tanking, it's not real special, and takes about 3 solar systems to turn around in. You're a TAC captain, would suggest scrapping this build and going for an Escort, but your mileage/play style may vary.

Assuming you keep the Oddy/Tank build:

Not a fan of the Plasma weapons. At endgame, most people are geared towards the STFs, and Borg use Plasma, so everyone's geared up to protect against it. meaning you're useless in PVP, mediocre at the rest. Anti-proton is the best gear for that level, as the proc is crit. I don't care for mines, but again, depends on your style. Good that you stuck with a weapon type, but just swap for a better one IMO. Also at level 50, you should start having better stuff in there than Mk X commons.

The front torp and dual beam bank are fairly wasted in your setup. You can't turn to save your life, so I'd bet you don't fire those a whole lot after the very first exchange. You'd be better suited with just making it a beam boat, and loading up on the beam arrays. You're gonna be stuck broadsiding anyway, might as well get 7-8 weapons in range at once and do some damage. 3 beams front and back, maybe Quantum in the front and quantum mines in the back, if you want to not go all-beam. The damage on Quantum is nicer, and can't be shot down.

Once you get the Borg Console, you can lose the shield for something better, the 4-piece bonus isn't worth the loss of shielding.

Devices: eh, gotta be better stuff you can put there. Run the Devidian mission that gives you the subspace device, gives a nice stealth/damage resist that can be useful. Can't think of more offhand, but I know I pretty much don't have ANY batteries in those spots.

Eng: a spot the Oddy is killing you. Turns like shit, so you have all your consoles devoted to trying to turn. Bet it STILL doesn't turn, huh? Diminishing returns, as well, if I recall. Maybe keep the best two, lose the others. They're commons anyway, so not super-helpful. Put the Borg Console in one spot, and get a hull plating type for the other. Can't remember the names, but figure out what you're going to use the ship for, (like STFs) and then pick the plating that defends against just 2 energy types, but includes the one you want. There's one that does just Plasma and Tetryon I believe, which is what you want for STFs, Borg are plasma. Or if you play PVP, you want the one that is Phaser/Disruptor, or Antiproton/something. Don't bother with the 4-type protections, you lose power and trade for flexibility, and you really don't need to. Worst case, keep 1 for plasma and 1 for the other, and swap when you do STF or PVP.

SCI: Lose all 3, none are that great, and you have a Mk VI common in there. Costly, but the one that gives you the 17.5% shield capacity boost is the easy winner (field emitter?) Get a couple of those, maybe put the borg console in the 3rd spot and double up on the hull plating for ENG instead.

Tac: If you're a beam boat, lose the torpedo one and double up on the one that boosts your energy type. AntiProton, Phaser, or Disruptor are the nicest, but if you switch the Borg set to the JemHadar set, you get a nice boost if you use Poleron, so could go to that build instead for an additional punch.

Overall, right idea, just needs refining. But personally, I'd get out of the Oddy, maybe cruisers altogether. It's a DPS game, and as fun as being able to absorb damage or use SCI skills is, most of the missions are really about how fast you can wreck the bad guy, so hitting harder and faster is more useful. And lets you play more aggressively to beat the timers.
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