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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

The changes to the Borg set are a good thing, though in my opinion don't go far enough. The Borg hull heal should be part of a three piece set bonus, forcing players to decide if they want to sacrifice a tanky shield for a hull/shield heal proc. As it is, the two-piece borg set + MACO/KHG shield will still be the favorable build for PvP. Two nerfs later and people will still choose the Borg set, that alone underlines how overpowered it is.

The set was a mistake from day one.

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I like the borg visuals My favorite part of "The Scorpion" was that two-second shot of Borged-up Voyager.

Also, am I doing it right?
Hmm, as a PvPer it's not exactly what I'd pick, but then you're probably not thinking about PvPing.

Personally I'd recommend ditching atleast one RCS console (preferable two) and replacing them with neutronium alloy consoles. That should decrease incoming damage by quite a bit.

I'd also recommend dumping the bio-function console. Crew isn't really all that useful. If you can afford it, I'd stick at the very least one field generator into the science console slots (boosts shield capacity).

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Supremacy. If you can't kill an escort with your cruiser without having the escort's equipment nerfed to death, the problem is you and your tactics.
Well flown escorts have trouble killing other well flown escorts, well flown cruisers don't even get a look in.

I'm an escort captain with a focus for PvP and I'll say this - My brethren and I are way way too tanky. Cruisers aren't remotely a danger and for the most part can be ignored except for when they're cross healing.

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You can put points into Driver Coils to be faster in sector space.

It's making the MACO engine nearly as fast as the Borg engine, and the Borg engine approach almost as fast as slipstream.

I think with a fully maxed driver coil and Borg engine equiped you can get her to Transwarp 30 almost during Slipstream.
Yeah, really helps when Doffing or doing tour the universe (especially if you can get someone to cast diplomatic immunity and marauder on you)
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