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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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Looks to me like they may have tried using blue screen, found out it looked like crap and instead went for a black drape with holes in "Conscience of the King" and "Mark of Gideon" (and in TNG).
That's possible, although with their use of colored lights all over the sets its hard to tell what their actual intention was.

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"Even if it has a structure to (which is nice detail) it still doesn't lead to an outside view."
But you said yourself that you assumed, too, Kirk's quarters had originally been on deck 12 and that the wall angle is also compatible with the outer skin of the engineering hull?
I did a search through this thread and couldn't find where I said that. I do mention those insets as "possible windows but was not convinced that they were." Now, I'm pretty sure they are not windows given the other two examples to work from.

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"Actually, there is another problem. Almost all of the scenes where the cabin is featured you can make out this same angled wall. The problem is that there is only one deck, somewhere below the flight deck, that can possibly support the angle of the wall for windows to line up to the exterior skin. That would make all the other cabin instances, such as those on deck 5, etc, have the exact same "insets" but are no longer called windows still present. Or that means that all cabins are in the engineering hull, below the flight deck. Again, that works against the idea that they are windows as other decks could not possibly use them because of the different exterior angles of different decks, IMO."
I'm not sure I see the problem. Other than Season One (or deck 12) I do not recall having seen windows (or insets) in the crew's quarters (established to be in the saucer hull) ever again.

We all know that re-using existing sets was standard procedure for the series. The interesting thing about the crew quarters cabin is that you can either put it on deck 12 (angled-in wall) or deck 5 (curvature of ceiling seems to correspond with curvature of upper side on saucer). As for the angled-in wall I assume there's plenty of plumbing and GNDNs running through or the (hidden and angled-in) struts support framework stability of the upper side.
The curvature of the ceiling reveals that it goes up further than the curving brace itself. It unfortunately is seen in many episodes afterwards.

But just to clarify, I don't have a problem with Kirk's cabin on Deck 12 being in the engineering hull above the flight deck levels. I'm just not putting the cabin against an exterior wall and not treating the insets as windows due to lack of stars visible and incompatible inset angle to exterior hull angle.
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