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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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Jon's death only makes sense dramatically if he is reborn in some way.
Jon's arc from A Game of Thrones to A Storm of Swords is a slow evolution from a boy to a man, from the bastard son of the Starks to a man in the Night's Watch and finally culminating in becoming the Lord Commander, the guy at the top.

His entire arc in A Dance With Dragons is about gradually mismanaging the balance between the different factions and agendas and the rest of it that itch against the Night's Watch - trying to take the noble, high minded Everyone Against the Others line while being unable to really stem the disatisfaction many even in his closest circles hold towards their new wildling allies, and finally culminating in a decision to use the Night's Watch to aid the forces of Stannis... all of this ending in his death.

It's an anticlimactic, seneless death, but those can happen and indeed his half-brother (or cousin if you're into the whole R+L=J) died in a very similar manner.

Having Jon not die kind of takes away from that impact. Why bother to even kill him if the next step is so plainly a magical resurrection of some kind, a step in his character evolution (to, yes, no doubt a changed figure, but that doesn't make the death itself any less banal). The death is no longer the wrenching, arresting event it is at Baelor and the Red Wedding and now just a checklist to be scribbled in.
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