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I can't let you go with bringing up the gay rumours about those actors you named.
What we are discussing is a different matter entirely.Entirely.
His point wasn't that they are similar, at least in any other way than there are rumours, rumours with no proof. So people can say they know they are gay as much as they like but that doesn't mean it's true.
Yeah that was all I was saying really, rumours follow a lot of celebraties around, be it relating to their sexuality, drug/alcohol use, eating disorders, who's made use of nopotsism/the casting couch etc. The vast majority are false or shouldn't be an issue but that doesn't stop them.

It strikes me that there was definitely a culture that, if it didn’t endorse what he was doing, may have chosen to turn a blind eye, and as distasteful as it is, if people were assuming he was sleeping with 16+ year olds and it was perceived as consensual they might have figured it was acceptable, and probably no worse than what other celebrities were doing (hell some, like Ronnie Wood are still doing it!) which probably acted as yet further camouflage for his more dubious encounters .

It definitely appears there was a very sexist culture at work given some of the stories coming out unconnected to Jimmy about the inappropriate behaviour of some male radio and TV presenters (though it wouldn’t surprise me if there were a few female presenters as well).

Man and I thought learning the Krankies were swingers was going to be the most shocking thing I heard about people who were a major part of my childhood
Thank you....i had wiped that from my it's back in all its fandabbydozzy innuendo. lol

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