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Re: If annother Trek series was being made, what would you want in it?

My idea for a Star Trek series would take place over the course of only one season, maybe two, and it would entail the erection of the borg society... Who they were as a people, and what caused their dependency on bio-technology. The first season would be slower than the second, taking a more personal look at one family as it evolved thrue several generations. It would illustrate WHEN the bio-advancements came to be, and even illustrate a protest from the society against using the enhancements. It would be very humanitarian... I would want to show their humanity. It would create a better sense of loss, when they loose it in favor of "perfection." Season two would be much more dramatic. I would open with a two-part episode: "We are the Borg" It would catalog the Borg's very first assimilation, and the season would culminate with a two-part season finally: " I am the Borg." This is where we would finally meet the Borg Queen, for the very first time... I think it would be amazing to have a back-story like that. A Star Trek series with no starfleet officers, and no earth... no Klingons, or Vulcans; but never-the-less possessing the Star Trek franchises greatest hero: humanity.
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