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Re: The Great Star Trek Pocket Novel Reread

Hi all,

Thanks for the interest. Yes, project still going on, but not had much time due to RL to actually post any reviews or anything. If you're interested, here is my progress so far (including the ones already posted about):

TOS: The Motion Picture
TOS: The Entropy Effect
TOS: The Covenant of the Crown
TOS: The Klingon Gambit
TOS: The Wrath of Khan
TOS: Yesterday's Son
TOS: The Search for Spock
DS9: The Search
TOS: My Enemy, My Ally
VOY: Cloak and Dagger
TNG: The Devil's Heart
TNG: Gemworld Part 1
TOS: The Romulan Way

This month I will be reading:

TOS: My Brother's Keeper 1: Republic
TNG: Spartacus
NF: House of Cards
TOS: Vulcan's Glory
TOS: Vulcan's Forge
Gateway 1: One Small Step

If things calm down, I'll try and post some brief reviews of the older books I read.

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