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Re: "Children of Time" Plot-hole Question

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why would they put the baby at risk?
Why not? Changelings risking their babies is an established DS9 fact - that's what the Hundred were all about. If Odo failed to go through the motions of saving the baby, they'd either send another, or judge Odo unworthy of redemption.

That would also explain why he didn't show signs of the disease until after she did.
I just had a thought about the timing. Odo got as bad as the Female Changeling only about half a season after her; if the FC got the disease in "Broken Link", then "The Begotten" would be the right time for Odo to re-catch it...

Then again, the disease apparently manifests faster and worse if the Changeling in question shapeshifts a lot. For all we know, the Female Founder had less shapeshifting activity than Odo did, what with being a leader rather than a soldier and all. Thus, the FC would go from infection to heavy symptoms in 2.5 seasons, while Odo would take just 1.5-2 seasons to get to the same state.

Timo Saloniemi
Well Odo's on record at keeping the shapeshifting to a minimum becomes it reminds people he's different. So aside from switching from humanoid form to goo once a day, unless there's a need he typically doesn't do it.

The Founders think that part of being a shapeshifter is turning into things for the heck of it so they can learn what it means to be a thing. Be it clouds, rocks, plants or what not. So I'd think the FF would've been more inclined towards "recreational shapeshifting" than Odo. Especially when she's in the Alpha Quadrant before the war. So chances are she'd be undercover at some point too.

I'm inclined to think that the baby shapeshifter in the Begotten is what is claimed. One of the Hundred that Quark just happened to chance upon and therefore didn't have the Section 31 disease.
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