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Re: Think We'll Ever See A Trek Series Longer Than 7 seasons?

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Starfleet and the Federation has always been a prime factor in Star Trek. To have a trek TV show that had no Starfleet personnel is too far outside the scope of Trek, I think.
We have seen examples of non-Starfleet investigation teams before.

Seven of Nine's parent aboard the Raven.
Professor Robert Crater and his wife, in Man Trap, seemed to be a independent archaeologists.
Janice Lester didn't appear to be working for Starfleet.

John Gill was Federation, but not Starfleet. The same with Worf's brother, however a non-governmental team sponsored out of say a university could be doing similar research on a planet's culture.

It's easy to support someones beliefs if they are identical to your own.
Tolerating beliefs that you don't personal embrace, or even fully understand, is harder.
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