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Re: TNG Characters in the JJ-Verse

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UFO wrote:
there wouldn't be any point in him saying anything if he thought his alternative "scientific" explanation had so low a probability that he had to resort to fate or mysticism etc.
He doesn't.
Orci appears to believe otherwise, thus his remarks.

UFO wrote:
apart from your redefinition of "very high" to mean "low"
It's a question of scale. Compared to your impression of it, the number in question may in fact be "very high".
There is no "scale" involved and any numbers don't alter the fact that he is saying straight-out that the "probability assigned to such an event [the crew coming together etc] is very high in the multiverse". There is no way to scale that back. There is no way to avoid the fact that he is relying on the sheer number of universes available to make a low probability event seem almost inevitable. And that might be true if he had a multiverse to choose from, but he doesn't.

This is self-fulfilling circular logic and of little value. It's basically an attempt to end run around the fact that the above destiny theory is not actually presented in the film.
Itís a reasonable interpretation. Alternatively we could just go back to calling it extremely unlikely if you prefer, but that doesn't seem any better. As I said, it was Spock Prime who raised the spectre of "Destiny" and even Orci was taking about "fate" so how can I be wrong to do so?

Sure it is.
Ok, less "fateful". Of course that is just another way of making it seem "more plusable", shall we say? Assuming you think fate is plausible, which doesn't appear to be the case.

This likelihood is potentially not as small as you seem to think it must be.
Whatever gets you through the night.

Nobody quoted you out of context. You claimed a line was in the film, but it wasn't in the film. Same context.
I happen to think the "context" softens the impression of my statement. But I'm just glad I didn't put any money on it!

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In real life, if such things as time travel were possible? Probably not. But in Star Trek's world, yes. ...
I'm afraid my response to your comments will have to be: What Ryan8bit said.

Though I do feel there is a difference between setting up an unlikely situation then proceeding reasonably from there and letting implausibility unfold on screen.
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