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Re: Janeway against the Xindi...

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I smell crossover, baby!
Mi casa es su casa (or something similar).

Has anyone ever done a tally?
Janeway kicked ass of:
Vidiians (sp?)

space Nazis!!!

Didn't the lovely Gary Graham also pop up in VOY somewhere?
Good points, she did need some help from herself in the series final show, without Admiral Janeway, she would have never gotten past the Borg, She did encounter the Q, I would not say that she beat him/her. She did defeat the time ship, loved that final scene...Times Up !!! The Kazon were the Delta Quads junkyard dogs, throw them a bone and the kill them, no big deal. The Vidians were actually pretty peaceful, thank God for holographic lungs !! Did she really defeat the Hirogen ???
The Malon, she only got past with the help of the species in the ep "Night" I think she only encountered them twice. Ahhh the Devor, she risks her entire crew to save a few telopaths, and the commander know of the plan and could have taken Voyager whenever he wanted, she out thought him and did not defeat them. I love Voyager I have all 7 seasons on DVD, however to assume that she defeated them, is a bit miss-leading...
Janeway lost all respect with me when she endangered her entire crew to chase after a pregnant Seska because she "says" the baby belongs to Chakotay and loses her ship in the process.
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