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Re: Abandoned and damaged starships

the phaser beam penetrated straight through the ship, causing massive internal damage and/or killing most of the crew
...But not by the Wrath of Khan mechanism, because that one involved actual physical cuts in the hull. If the entire Excalibur were covered in such cuts, she'd be torn apart.

Granted, it's probably different phaser technologies at work though.
Is it "phaser technologies" at all, when a power coupling sends the burst? We could say that M5 hurt a comparable power coupling that then sent a deadly burst from within the Excalibur, but that's not something Kirk could discern from looking at M5 firing.

As a former weapons officer, he'd probably be extra familiar with phaser capabilities...
Gotta nitpick this one: him crewing a "phaser station" in "Obsession" was related to firing at the vampire cloud, which would probably involve hand phasers rather than ship phasers. He might be a weapons officer, or he might be a security goon overseeing a major planetside operation from a hilltop fire base. But the point about Kirk knowing his way around phasers stands.

Well what other times have we seen a ship fire full phasers at medium to long range into another equivalent ship with shields down?
"The Wounded"? We didn't get the impression that there were any casualties aboard the Phoenix.

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