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As discussed in another thread, Phase II, Secret Voyage, Ajax, Intrepid and Axanar had a conference call to kick off a new project meant to help all Star Trek film makers by sharing resources. We have tentatively called it the Star Trek Film Maker's Association.

The idea came up when I was chatting with Craig Sheeler of Star Trek: Secret Voyage and figuring out ways we could help each other. Subsequent talks with Jim Bray of Starship Ajax and Nick Cook of Intrepid, lead us to decide to have a conference call and we did. James Cawley of Phase II also said he would do whatever to aid the cause.

Already I have introduced Craig to several people, including my effects guy Pony Horton (of P II fame) and I introduced Jim Bray to James Cawley (Jim is now going to next P2 month's shoot). I also have a box of uniforms from Star Trek: The Experience that I got CBS to donate to Intrepid.

The whole idea has been to share resources, including talent, sound stages, assets, marketing and more. We truly believe a rising tide raises all ships and we believe in helping each other. We all want to do anything we can to see each other successful. If you can buy into that, we would love to have you.

Alec Peters

Founding Members:

Star Trek: Phase II
Star Trek: Axanar
Star Trek: Intrepid
Star Trek: Secret Voyage
Starship Ajax

New Members:

Yorktown: A Time to Heal


1. We share people and personnel by introducing our team to other productions.

2. We share marketing ideas and promotion on our websites / Facebook pages.

3. We share our sets and sound stages, expecting that guest productions pay the basic expenses for the time used.

4. We share ideas, exchange information, and help however we can.


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