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Re: Comic Prequel: Star Trek Countdown to Darkness

I love Benedict. Just as an actor and a person, he has this presence that is intoxicating.

I'd be disapointed if JJ was doing a Khan rehash, doesn't need doing IMHO, Montalban did it perfectly the first time, perfectly the second time. Although, theres no telling what JJ will do. However, a Gary Mitchell retelling would be pretty awesome.

I enjoyed the countdown to the previous movie, got my Star Trek mojo back aftert losing it in the early 2000s. Hope this is as good.

Also, if it is a doomsday machine story would be pretty sweet too. We could have Weller as Commodore Decker and Cumberbatch as the physical manipulative manifestation of the doomsday machine that works as a mind of honey trap for planets and/or civilisations that the planet killer has been programmed to seek out and destroy.

Sorry, got away from me there.
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