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Re: Why can't Latinum be replicated?

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Food and drink are not expensive in the Trekiverse, but things like computer chips and devices are implicitly so
On the other hand, people will apparently readily pay for food (or, rather, the experience of having food), but expect their computer chips to come for free...
Nobody appears to be PAYING for food, though. Even quark's bar is equipped with a replicator that is evidently hooked up to the station's supply grid; he has MANY times suggested that his liquor supply is pre-fab, shipped in from various suppliers around the galaxy, which means he -- as a Ferengi -- almost certainly paid for them and he -- again, being a Ferengi -- expects to be paid FOR them.

Interestingly, the same thing seems to happen on the Enterprise: Scotty finds synthehol insufferable, but the only way to get a non-syntheholic drink is to raid Guinan's liquor cabinet.

OTOH, circuitry and hardware are only "free" to the extent that Starfleet's requisition process seems to be pretty straightforward. We have almost never seen officers pulling working components and/or tools out of a replicator. Even the infamous self-sealing stem bolts, for example, are occasionally seen stockpiled by the case, but despite their apparently high industrial value, nobody ever bothers replicating them (just storing them in huge quantities because they have too many).

And our Starfleet heroes at least consider all technology to be throwaway, up to and including entire starships!
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