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Re: The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Discussion

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I'm a little undecided on the "Foothill Freeway" example, but the ambiguity seems to hinge more on dropping the "freeway/blvd" portions than the definite article.

But for Interstates, having a "the" seems a bit silly and it doesn't resolve any ambiguity that I can tell. I wouldn't say "Go north on the 15." I have multiple problems with that. There's the already discussed point of it being "Interstate 15" and not "The Interstate 15," of course. But, I'm not digging the "go north" part either. That is, Interstates are labeled with directions already. So I would say "take 15 North." "North" being part of the proper noun. I-15N spends a lot of time going northeast, and I imagine occasionally turns southward briefly as topography demands.
It is because most of those highways/freeways were built on top of existing roads/highways that had proper names long before they had numbers. So people transitioned from saying "The ______ highway" to "The __."
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