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Re: Voyager rebooted as a movie

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Maybe I just "don't get it" but I never understood the popular desire for reboots and retellings of the same stories? I'd rather see something new and original that I don't have preconceived notions of and might not be able to guess how it ends right away.
I'm not sure I can describe it adequetely. Seeing the same stories retold, or new versions of them, really appeals to me. Rather than have something I like fade away and be forgotten, I like seeing what another production team's interpretation of the characters and world is like. It also gives the characters a bit of immortality. That they're bigger than the actors who portrayed them originally.
Agreed. I love to watch and compare multiple versions of the same story; in a way, it adds to the viewing experience and gives you more to mull over afterwards. It's interesting to see how the same stories and characters are interpreted by different actors, and in different eras. I mean, just compare the Disney version of DR. SYN to the Hammer Films version with Peter Cushing. You'd never know they were based on the same source material!

I guess, in a way, it depends on whether you want to focus on the plot or the aesthetics/execution.

An odd comparison: Is anyone else watching HOT SET on Syfy? One of things I find fascinating about the show is how they can give the same script and setup to two different production designers, who usually end up going in completely different directions when it comes to visualizing the scene.

It's the same sort of thing. Here's VOYAGER (or whatever). What else can you do with this raw material?

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