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*~ Enter: DS9 Avatar Contest 171!!

Welcome to DS9 Avatar Contest 171!!

The themes for the new contest as chosen by the winners of the last contest are:

DS9 episode: Family Business
DS9 Theme: favourite Kira moments
Random Theme: Sinister
- any person, event or thing that gives you a negative reaction akin to the feeling that you are being watched by a very disturbing powerful organization (and you are, but it is for your own good citizen!) or just creeps you out.
You can use any fictional or real life (so deemed) object, individual or event to convey this dread in the approved size indicated. Do NOT go over...I will be watching.... - Loki Entek

You have 10 days to enter, until Oct. 27th.

Regular rules apply: 140 kb, 150x150 pix max size.
Have fun!
"He sings lounges? I'm not familiar with that musical form."
-Taran'atar, DS9-R Mission Gamma 3 --Save Taran'atar!
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