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Re: Potential plagarism by ST: Titan TV series fan campaign?

Well my advice, since right now they dont have anything on their page claiming that anything they have on there is of their own artwork, ie plagarism, i would let it go. maybe they do have a cgi team, maybe they dont. we all know that not all groups are going to post things until they are ready to, which is why their youtube page only has one video on it.

their page says no where that they are planning on making the show it is solely a lets get the likes to get CBS's attention that the fans want this show.

if you feel this is a copyright infringement on CBS thing, well i would read the copyright thread and maybe get in touch with the people there. in fact the designer of the titan itself is on this forum, maybe get in touch with him, after all, all recreations by your law would mean that they would have to ask him if they could create a 3d model. which he has even posted to that facebook group if you look down far enough.

and going even further down you see a post from December 9th 2010 "The possibility for Star Trek Titan this video was made possible by Uuris" which i think is the video you are talking about.

if you feel that posting images, or youtube videos are wrong on facebook take that up with facebook?

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