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Re: Janeway's locks...short or long?

The thing I really love about being a man is not being capable of noticing this shit.


If I had the reasoning faculties to identify the steady every changing multipledourous fracturing identities and persona's of my girl, it's possible I might misunderstand the situation and either think that I was having a schizophrenic break or that I was sliding through parallel deimensions and meeting up woth dopplegangers of the people I thought I knew.

I beleived that Janeway had had two hair cuts. The bun and the bob.

You're all mad.

She did not have seventy different hair styles just becuase she combed it a little different every day.

Do women still comb their hair in the 24th century?

Or do they just stick their head in the replicator?

And when they transport you? Does it clean your teeth enroute?

Simple timesaving technology.
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