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Re: Think We'll Ever See A Trek Series Longer Than 7 seasons?

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^All that is true, but let's remember what this part of the discussion was originally about. I think we've all drifted away from that, myself included. Temis brought up the model of American Horror Story, an approach where each season would basically start over with a different situation and cast of characters. You questioned that on the assumption that there would have to be a Starfleet captain and crew featured in every season and that if you were going to use the same character types every year, you might as well use the same characters. I was pointing out that you don't have to use the exact same crew composition every single year, that you're being very unimaginative in your assumptions about what a Star Trek story can be.
I'm not. I was just pointing out how onw could approach serialization in a more Star Trek manner than let's say a anthology manner.

American Horror Story has completely unconnected serialization. This is why Jessica Lange and Zachary Quinto, who had prominent roles in the first season, are returning for the second season... as different characters. There's zero continuity between the two seasons. This is not an unfamiliar structure for anthology series, like the Twilight Zone and the Outer Limits and so on. While the first season of the show featured a strong supernatural element, the showrunners have not ruled out doing entire seasons about serial killers and other non-paranormal topics - so long as it's set in America and is in the genre of Horror and does not have vampires they consider it fair game.*

A Star Trek series with zero inter-season continuity? Really? Because I don't even think Temis wants precisely that (presumably the events of previous seasons 'happened' even if irrelevant). So I suggested the obvious route of having the Starfleet characters of each season remain the same. That'd keep carrying some of the actors on, just in different roles... and it adapts the vaguely AHS anthology idea in a way that actually makes sense for the Star Trek franchise.

Of course:

and we have plenty of examples -- including a canonical one, DS9 -- that prove you can have the basic, familiar elements but still inject a lot of variety.
Is a mischaracterisation. I said keep the Starfleet characters for each year - and DS9 did have three Starfleet characters, including the titular lead. A season about a bitter civil war on a planet. largely involved with the politics of the two major factions with Federation characters appearing as mediators and providing an 'anchor' for the viewers, and then the next season those same characters in a radically different situation like a season about a parallel universe where the Federation was defeated by the Klingon Empire.

And even the scenario I just outlined might be a bit excessive. Star Trek is not just some elaborate space opera universe where a series should run around poking around all the implications of the vast universe, any more than one would make a Law and Order spinoff about a Brazilian shopkeeper and his family. There are certain expectations about what a Star Trek progam should be, and while they can be pushed and played around with, abandoning them entirely would not be wise.

*It would actually be interesting to see a sci-fi series like this, an anthology which could do radically diffferent sci-fi stories on a yearly basis and carry over some of the cast, possibly even doing like miniseries-length adaptions of novels or whatever... but that obviously would not be a Star Trek series.
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