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Re: TNG Characters in the JJ-Verse

UFO wrote:
there wouldn't be any point in him saying anything if he thought his alternative "scientific" explanation had so low a probability that he had to resort to fate or mysticism etc.
He doesn't.

UFO wrote:
apart from your redefinition of "very high" to mean "low"
It's a question of scale. Compared to your impression of it, the number in question may in fact be "very high".

UFO wrote:
And of course the only way to avoid the relentless feeling that things are only happening because the writers need it to, is to suppose some form of destiny.
This is self-fulfilling circular logic and of little value. It's basically an attempt to end run around the fact that the above destiny theory is not actually presented in the film.

UFO wrote:
your quote of Oric is his attempt to make parts of the film look less "ridiculous"
Sure it is.

UFO wrote:
it appears I speak for the writers!
Nice one.

UFO wrote:
We are talking about the likelihood of all the original crew getting together almost a decade before they did in the prime timeline (and in particular event like the chances of Spock Prime meeting Krik and Scotty on DV) despite significant disruption.
This likelihood is potentially not as small as you seem to think it must be.

UFO wrote:
Thanks for quoting me out of context.
Nobody quoted you out of context. You claimed a line was in the film, but it wasn't in the film. Same context.
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