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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

I'd really like to think Jon is dead for good, and I say that as someone who likes Jon. Martin is in danger of going to the familiar fantasy well of reviving characters with magical BS a little too often; brutally slaying Ned and Robb does not give him an automatic pass to contort the fantasy magic of his world to revive people at a whim.

That the readership has basically taken Jon Snow's revival as a fait accompli, for example, pretty much ruins the end the books left for him.

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I'm not sure that Martin is interested in giving readers people to "root for" in an uncomplicated sense--
Hardly. Jon Snow is definitely presented as one of the main heroes of the novel, and with his boy-growing-into-a-hero arc it's a recognizably familiar one. He's sympathetic, noble, heroic and magnamious, his ultimate intended foes are quite literally inhuman monsters. Giving him bad judgement is the kind of flaw that in no way tarnishes his virtue or his heroism and does not complicate us rooting for him at all. He's not Walter White or Achilles, in other words.
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