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Re: Potential plagarism by ST: Titan TV series fan campaign?

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Is it a petition or a project? There is no clarity whatsoever.

They will not say WHO they are and what they are doing, so they almost certainly can't be industry professionals
Their description claims that they have a CGI team making campaign videos, as well as the expertise to do all the SFX for the actual TV show.

Quite frankly, given that the only video they have is a whole bunch of fading text (their Ent-E warp CGI vid was outed as stolen from another YT user), not sure if these guys are serious or screwing with Trek fans.

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So you guys are a bunch of adults playing with LEGOs bullying kids who save your pictures to their streams because they don't know any better? Classy.
The word is building, thank you very much.

The BB group ( started out after an AFOL's creation was submitted by a kid as an entry for an official LEGO contest, which he subsequently won. Once we passed word through to LEGO Legal regarding the actual builder, Legal stripped the kid of the accolade, much to his distress.

Since then we've been working with both LEGO's Creation Lab and CUUSOO admins in taking down plagarized models, as well as our usual stint on Flickr. The community appreciate our efforts very much.

But I digress.

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How much money have they collected? the Kickstarter link on their home page doesn't work.
It looks like they don't have a Kickstarter page. I did a search on the Kickstarter site, and found nothing. If they did have one, Kickstarter probably shut it down.
They've since stated they are going to nix their Kickstarter by using proceeds from their website ads to pay for more FB ads (and in turn, more likes).
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