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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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^ My POINT is, if the Red Sox could win 4 in a row then, the Yankees can do it now.

Cowboy Up, motherfuckers!
That Red Sox team had the benefit of not having a lunatic of a manager batting Brett Gardner at leadoff and playing Eduardo Nunez at short over Alex fuckin' Rodriguez.

Although your defiance is kind of amusing. I'm not saying a historic collapse isn't possible, given the way that everything has fallen into their laps (White Sox collapsing, two very favorable playoff matchups), but it isn't terribly likely, especially since if it goes to 7 games, the Yankees have to face Verlander again.

The only way they can win four straight games against Detroit right now is if they A) stop sucking out loud, in general and B) figure out how to hit dingers again, given that they could very conceivably be ahead (or at least have a win) if any one of A-Rod, Swisher, Cano, or Granderson were hitting at an average level right now.
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