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It seems like I just bought those Legacy collections. This collections looks really nice, though. Interesting that Phantom of the Opera is included. I guess he didn't get a Legacy collection because he never had a sequel or appeared in a sequel, poor guy.
The 1944 Boris Karloff thriller "The Climax" was conceived as a sequel to "Phantom". It was to star Claude Raines, Nelson Eddy and Susanna Foster continuing their roles. However, Raines wasn't available so the characters were changed - only Foster carried over and Karloff was cast as the "villain".

FYI, the nitpicky editor in me is compelled to point out that it's Claude Rains, not "Claude Raines."

Nothing personal. For some reason, nobody seems to spell it correctly anymore. I swear, I see "Raines" more often than "Rains" these days, at least on the internet. It's a bit of pet peeve.

And don't get me started about Bela "Legosi" . . .
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