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Could we have a season after all? Link
Lets hope they come to these senses and take this offer, they've already burned the fans enough.
It can't be repeated enough -- the owners got everything they wanted in the last CBA, and after it was instituted, the league saw years of growth. Now, all of a sudden, it wasn't good enough and they dug in. Okay, so they've made some mild concessions with this new offer, but it's still a bad one for the players. I mean, yeah, the NHL made some movement from its last deadline proposal, but it only looks decent because it's a step up from a shit sandwich on a stick.

Say your boss comes up to you and says, "Great news! We are not going to cut your salary like we planned! ... But you have to move your office into that smelly supply closet, and you have to use an outhouse instead of a bathroom, oh, and you can't keep your desk, you have to hold your laptop in your arms all day. But it's a great deal for you!"

At the end of the day, the NHL's offer is still Bettman and Co. trying to make everyone forget that the league is experiencing record revenues, and instead putting the blame for any perceived issues on the players' backs, instead of cockmongers like Daryl Katz. Even if a deal goes from ten kicks in the dick two kicks in the dick ... you're still being asked to be kicked in the dick.
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