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Re: Voyager rebooted as a movie

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Maybe I just "don't get it" but I never understood the popular desire for reboots and retellings of the same stories? I'd rather see something new and original that I don't have preconceived notions of and might not be able to guess how it ends right away.
I'm not sure I can describe it adequetely. Seeing the same stories retold, or new versions of them, really appeals to me. Rather than have something I like fade away and be forgotten, I like seeing what another production team's interpretation of the characters and world is like. It also gives the characters a bit of immortality. That they're bigger than the actors who portrayed them originally.

Lynx wrote:
No, no, no!
And no again!
I sincerely hope that I never have to see Voyager rebooted as a movie. The thought of seeing other actors than Mulgrew, Lien, Beltran and the others is totally out of the question for me.
But isn't a different actor playing the part the same as, say, the different interpretations we already get of the characters in the novels? No two writers see them the same. I've read about Spocks who hide raging emotions behind a veil of calm, and ones who barely remember what feelings are like.

Heck, no two Voyager TV writers wrote Janeway the same, and it showed!
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