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Re: TNG Characters in the JJ-Verse

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Actually, not only was Worf gone, but so was Troi, and Yar was there. That showed at least a modicum of thought about who should and shouldn't be there. With the new movie, the goal seemed to be just to shoehorn everybody in there, without any of this thought. Had maybe Chekov not been there, and maybe someone like Number One been there, then it would have been a little bit easier to swallow.
Although IRL the known TOS crew united for the movie in 2258, in-universe the crews weren't "correct" for the time. The prime-universe Enterprise crew of 2254 included Number One, Doctor Boyce, Jose Tyler and Yeoman Colt. That's very different from the crew we saw in STXI, which began with Chief Engineer Olsen and Dr. Puri before the TOS regulars took over, and was still missing Yeoman Rand by the end of the movie. The full TOS crew (including Chekov) wasn't united until 2266.
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