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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Anyone heard Alan Greene at the BBC covering the England game being called off? The guy is livid! Some ranting when he wants to!
Alan Green is one of, if not the worst radio commentator the BBC has. Constantly ranting or whining about absolutely everything you can imagine. He even has the nerve to whinge about empty seats in stadiums when he himself hasn't paid to get into a game for years and has concept of the reality behind going to a game. Ahem. Sorry, just can't stand the guy and will turn off any game he appears on!

More positively, Giroud, Ibra* and Norn Iron put a big smile on my face this week. I don't normally give much of a damn about internationals outside of the Euros/World Cup, but those three have made it a good week.

*I know he scored the first, not the equaliser, but damn I love the guy.

Now, bring on Saturday and a trip to Nottingham Forest for my league leaders. Jax, I'm going to this game - any tips you have for me for my visit to the City Ground?
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