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Re: Marvel animation-- Avengers Assemble and Hulk: Agents of Smash

Yeah IM:AA is sorta over for me - I mean we already had two seasons over the past... uhm... 4 years? LOL It's got a worse record of keeping to a schedule than an Image comic.

I wouldn't mind seeing a spin off solo Iron Man seres as long as it kinda ties into the Avengers series. Maybe with more focus on Tony, Pepper and Rhodey. I do like the idea that are trying to keep a consistant set of voice actors for some of the primary characters though. I mean I like the current voice - but the "new" guy has already voiced him in the Iron Man Anime, he'll be voicing him in that Hulk/Iron Man movie. Fred Tatasciore as the default Hulk (while yes I do like the Planet Hulk voice - at least it sounds like 'Hulk' when I watch other media he's in) Nothing breaks you out of things when you expect to hear a certain voice (or even vocal style) and you hear someone else.

Now I do hope they bring Ms. Marvel back on the show soon enoug I mean c'mon her friggin' name is MARVEL.
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