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Re: Marvel animation-- Avengers Assemble and Hulk: Agents of Smash

Well keep in mind, people were bitchin' about it just being Wasp as the only woman on the team - but then they brought in Ms. Marvel and Black Widow cameo'd quite a bit. So we'll see.

I think, don't quote me, but I think basically in the new show A:EMH will have still happened, so I suppose events and things that happened in that show still happened - they just have a few new voice actors and a new roster. Which honestly, happened a LOT in the comics in terms of the roster and even feel of the book. So as long as things that happened in the old series still happen I won't be too disappointed.

Plus it's been obvious that the cartoons are turning into the comics in terms of linking up with the movies. I mean some people think the comics are promotion for the movies. So yeah, the Avengers team rejiggers to resemble the movie Avengers team a bit more. I'm not entirely happy with the whole move to the "Man of Action" team - I kinda prefer the current creative team - but... hey not up to us.

The Hulk series seems a bit too light hearted but I'll give it a chance. I think some of my favorite Hulk stories lately were the ones where basically the whole "Hulk Family" got together to kick ass. So we'll see. I just hope Seth Green doesn't use his "Chris" voice and just talks normally.
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