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Re: Think We'll Ever See A Trek Series Longer Than 7 seasons?

Indeed. And one of the points of Starfleet is how broad its job description is a bit broader than real world militaries and most sci-fi equivalents. Nella Daren is a Starfleet officer and a stellar scientist. There's also historians, psychologists, and so on - and examples of civilians who work on starships along Starfleet personnel, like Keiko O'Brien as a botanist.

What might be worth noting is that half the examples I've given were never done by principal characters, though. A series could have a greater focus on the different sciences and include civilian scientists... but you're still gonna want people with phasers, and so on.

And of course worth recalling: We've seen Star Trek do the same ideas many times, but a new series is about bringing in a new audience. A fresh take on the familiar - like Abrams' - is more likely than a series whose connection to Star Trek is largely because it's part of a shared universe.
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