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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

Had passes to a sneak of Tyler Perry's new movie Alex Cross so I only watched one before heading out.

1x11-Fire&Water: I wasn't overly excited with this episode. The history fan in me is enjoying the little things though. Here it's this Aquatic Race(member of the Alien UN?) that has ties to ancient Babylon but don't seem to have the same understanding of passage of time and want an update from Daniel. His knowledge of cuneiform seemed to be his undoing. When the SG-1 team is at his house to pack up his belongings, cause they have a memory implant of Daniel being killed, they slipped in another tie to the movie. His journal was read from by Carter,"I don't think Jack likes me...I'm never going to get paid."

I'm guessing this race isn't part of the Alien UN, other than an interest in Babylon the one character gave off a very solitary vibe. Is that cultural or just how he dealt with Daniel, my guess it's cultural for now.
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