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Re: There's a trailer apparently.....

I could see the likes-count thing being real. They're still in the preaching-to-the-converted phase of marketing, where they can play silly games with the fans and not get hit with backlash or worse, indifference. The stakes are low right now, since they're reaching only people who have decided definitely to see the movie, or decided definitely that they loathe it with the searing heat of a hundred billion exploding supernovas.

The approach will be very different and more traditional next spring when they start marketing to the mass audience in earnest. They don't dare presume interest among the vast majority of potential audience, who are certainly not paying attention to the movie this early. Most of the people who go to see the movie will have forgotten that there was a previous movie and will be mildly surprised to see a trailer for a new one, but as long as the trailer says, "more of what you liked last time," they've done their job.
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