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Re: Potential plagarism by ST: Titan TV series fan campaign?

Im not seeing anything on that page related to collecting money to me it looks like any other facebook group. Yeah they show images of T-shirts, but no where to buy them, and mention kickstart but I think they are talking about kickstart as in collecting likes. like a petition to cbs like a "hey you said you wanted viewers, here's 1 million viewers" sort of thing.

and with just every other facebook group they post images related to their topic, they dont claim to be the original owners. like right now on my main feed i'm seeing people who have posted images of the peanuts gang, various memes, they aren't the original author....

In addition facebook's policy is if you have the original artwork, like original image file you created then you can claim to own the painting and then facebook would remove the image, same with flickr and every other image service.

I think you guys are taking facebook way too seriously.
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