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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

I'm still waiting for my tailor to get a specific fabric book in stock so I can look through it to order a new suit, so instead I picked up some bargains in more mainstream shops:

- a v-neck sweater in a leafy shade of green. Should go well with mid-greys and with a good range of blues. Possibly browns/tans too (I'll have to experiment) so very versatile. And I got it for about 25% off, which is always a nice bonus. From the Gap, but actually nice for the price.
- a pair of 511s from the Levi's shop. I don't wear jeans often as I struggle to find a cut that suits me, but these look OK I think. Better than my current pairs anyway, so I'll probably rotate those out of the wardrobe in favour of these once I pick them up from being hemmed.

A productive day's shopping, I think.
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