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Re: Anyone Find Generations "Saucer crash" to be poorly done?

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When this thread started, I couldn't describe why the saucer crash didn't impress me very much. Now, I've figured it out.

Despite the fact that I think it looked and sounded spectacular, it just didn't have a beg emotional impact for me. It's in the shadow of the Enterprise destruction of TSFS. In that film, although it was the refit Enterprise, it was still essentially the ship that we'd known through 17 years and many adventures. Also, its destruction was part of the theme of loss/death/rebirth in the film. It symbolizes the crew's loss of their past, sacrificed for the future of their friendships.

In Generations, I felt none of that. The saucer destruction was just eye candy. It had no symbolic meaning for me, nor did I have such a long history of knowing that ship.
I agree, to a point.

To me, there is a strong emotional connection to the Enterprise-D. It was our "home" for the seven years of TNG, which I look upon very fondly. It feels almost as important to me as the TOS Enterprise. And I never quite warmed up to its replacement in FC and beyond.

However, despite that, the emotion of the destruction doesn't seem to be there in Generations like their is in TSFS. Perhaps that comes from the fact that the crash doesn't seem to proceed organically from the story. It feels like something that was created for a specific purpose -- i.e. axe the ship so we can get a better one for the movies -- and that's about it.
Thanks. I think you actually agree with me completely; you just worded it better than I did!
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