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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

Like I said, though, the trick is getting the energy required to MOVE (or lurch) that undead citizen around. You're not taking anything new in, so you're stuck with the energy you started with. Once you burn through the reserves, no more functioning zombie. You aren't pulling energy from a ZPM, it's gotta come from something. And that jellifying of the blood is fine as far as that goes, but it also means it's not circulating, so no new oxygen or blood to those cells. Like the ones in the brain. So they'd be borked almost within minutes. Since they are ok without even HAVING lungs, they don't appear to need oxygen. No blood circulating means body temp won't regulate either, so they'd be even MORE screwed with hot and cold, things would be falling off everywhere! You appear to still need a functioning brain (even if they don't really use it) to be a live zombie, the jelled, non-circulating blood won't lead to that, it'll lead to dead zombies.

So: no oyxgen to tissues, no circulating blood, no new energy into system. Kinda bad that by trying to explain why they don't rot, you killed the thing that was allowing them to MOVE.

You're into just accepting "a wizard did it" within about an hour of infection. Hand-waving part of it away just makes more obvious problems in other areas.
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