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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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I like Max Brooks explaination that along with jellifying the victims blood, the 'zombie virus' toxifies the victims cells, rendering it toxic to living creatures including flies, and the bacteria that causes decomposition.
Max Brook's argument makes sense and works for me. I really think that alot of people have mistaken drying out for decomposition. If we assume that the bacteria responsible for decomposition will not consume zombies, the only thing that will ultimately impact the zombie is drying out (this is kind of supported by the fact that zombies can also be destroyed by fire). Actually the one thing that they might get from consuming bodies is water (though they have no functioning digestive or cirulatory system). Once free of the spectre of decomposition, zombies in temperate and colder climates will have an advantage over those in warmer, drier climates.

Zombies in the desert out to just dry out including the brain. Zombies in temperate/cold climates might freeze in the winter but they will benefit from enough atmispheric moisture to keep them "viable".
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