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Re: Potential plagarism by ST: Titan TV series fan campaign?

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I'll admit "plagarism" might not be the optimal choice of words here, although I did so based on past experiences...
Aside from being a Trekker, I'm an Adult Fan of Lego (AFOL) who regularly posts models and creations on Flickr. The general culture of Flickr is that if you posted something on your "photostream", you are in effect declaring you are the original artist, even if you don't explicitly say so.

Now, some inexperienced kids would go download other people's LEGO creation photos and reupload them onto their own stream. Most use lame excuses like "I didn't know there was a favourite button" or "I thought it was cool, so I'll save them for myself", although there has been the odd case of said kids claiming ownership of the photos.

Eventually, a whole bunch of us grown-ups were fed up with this, and started a Flickr group called Brick~Busters that would identify and screencap these kids (dubbed "swipers") as part of a name-and-shame campaign - if the publicity didn't get them to repent and remove the images, we would send Flickr an infringement report and watch the admins take the photos down.
I suppose social sites like Facebook work differently to photo/artwork sharing sites like Flickr and DeviantArt. A pity there isn't a proper reporting mechanism on FB.
So you guys are a bunch of adults playing with LEGOs bullying kids who save your pictures to their streams because they don't know any better? Classy.

As for the original topic, why would you report this to CBS? Are these people making money off the Titan project? Because if they aren't I don't see how or why CBS would care about any of this.
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