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Supernatural Western in devel. from ‘Lost’s’ Carlton Cuse for NBC

‘The Sixth Gun’ is about six magical guns in the Old West that possesses otherworldly powers . The Sixth gun, was the most powerful and dangerous of all, had vanished without a trace. When it suddenly resurfaces in the hands of an innocent girl named Becky Montcrief, dark forces reawaken and vile men long thought dead set their sights on killing Becky and retrieving the gun for themselves. Only a gunfighter with a shadowy past named Drake Sinclair stands in the way of the evil that looms.
Cuse will be working with screenwriter Ryan Condal to adapt Oni Press’ graphic novel series ‘The Sixth Gun’ which was created by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt.
Besides scribing the teleplay, Condal will serve as executive producer along with Cuse
this may be the only hope to see a supernatural Western getting made.
‘Lost’s’ Carlton Cuse To Develop Supernatural Western For NBC

interesting idea. After the big budget Hollywood feature Cowboys vs Aliens plot mess I think I would prefer a more traditional TV western like Hell on Wheels (which I didn't like personally).
I'm still looking forward to the modern Western genre Longmire when it appears on Hulu or Netflix since I missed the first run this Summer.
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