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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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And in other news, Tribble testers are reporting that the old 4 piece Borg set is being split into two totally separate sets. Borg Deflector + Shields + Impulse Engines will form one 3 piece set. Apparently the Borg Console together with some new Borg torpedo and beam weapon will form a brand new set.
Kinda makes sense, since they never followed up with any other 4-piece sets, so this one was kinda hanging out there. Plus, it was one of the better set bonuses (usually by using the deflector, engine, and console, and then ditching the shield for the MACO version), so they'd have to getting around to screwing with it eventually.

Console, beam, and torpedo seems like an iffy one to put in there. Personally, don't think i'd use it. Everything in STO forces you into a specific weapon type (all your consoles, bonuses, and even the special weapons on a ship like the lotus or the spinal lance). Put these in, and you're dragging yourself down, or forcing you to change everything to (presumably) plasma. And pretty much every build is geared to protect specifically from Plasma, as it's the STF weapon, so you default to wanting to max that protection.

Wonder if there will be some 6-piece mega-bonus for going with ALL the Borg gear? Conversely, how much of the good bonus will we lose if we're just running the engines and deflector, and ditch the sub-standard shields?
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