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But there's a difference between knowing and rumours. Clearly some people knew for sure, and they need to account for themselves, but for a lot of people they were just rumours.

I mean there are rumours that Jeremy Renner, Tom Cruise, Hugh Jackman and John Travolta are gay, but until somone steps forward with cast iron facts they remain just that, rumours.

I do find it curious that the media didn't go after him if there was a smidgen of a story there, it isn't like they haven't gone after high profile/ wealthy people before. Whether it's because his charity work somehow shielded him I don't know.
As this goes on it will be intresting to see to what extent this was being reported and ingnored by TPTB in the BBC, NHS and the police... .....and possibly we will find out why they all seemed to have allowed Savile to operate with immunity for so long.......that part i cant figure out.

Scary stuff to say the least.

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