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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

She has sex with her nephew played by McCauly Culkin years before the show started.

He arrives back in town as an emotionally scarred little bastard who is thinks that maybe it's a bad thing that she ruined his childhood, even if he REALLY liked it at the time.

the anticipation of waiting McCaully to detonate is nail biting.

Kings has a strong pilot, wanders a bit, then the king starts getting jealous, and finally in the last couple episodes GOD turns up and you begin to wonder if the bible is literal like they insist it is, or that the King is just batshit because his fantasy has substance.

The princess is pretty, but she st6ill, even today looks like she is seven years old, in her role on the new sitcom Go On.

Sorry about the eating her children misdirect, it was an allusion to Medea.
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